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Lleida, Wednesday 24- Friday 27 of November 1996
Organized by Javier Chavarriga and Jaume Llibre

Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs

The Proceedings of the Simposium have been published in Publicacions Matemàtiques Vol 41(1).

J.C. Artés, J. Bernat, F. Blanco, M. Bosch, L. Cairó, C. Chicone, A. Cima, B. Coll, A. Delshams, F. Dumortier, M. El Morsalami, J.P. Françoise, E. Freire, I. García, A. Gasull, L. Gavrilov, H. Giacomini, F. Giannakopoulos, J. Giné, A. Guillamon, L.S. Guimond, C. Gutierrez, C. Herrero, S. Ibañez, Y. Ilyashenko, X. Jarque, A. Kaul, R. Kooij, N.G. Lloyd, V. Mañosa, F. Mañosas, P. Mardesic, L. Mazzi, F. Menous, M.F. Michek, A. Mir, F. Montardit, I. Nakai, D. Novikov, C. Olivé, D. Panazzolo, E. Ponce, R. Prohens, R. Ramírez, E. Reyes, G. Rodríguez, J.A. Rodríguez, R. Roussarie, C. Rousseau, M. Sabatini, E. Saez, E. Salem, D. Schlomiuk, D.S. Shafer, J. Sotomayor, J. Suarez, G. Swirszcz, I. Szanto, M.A. Teixeira, A. Teruel, J. Torregrosa, F. Torres, M. Valls, M. Viano, J. Villadelprat, M. Villarini, H. Zoladek, A. Zapp.


J.C. Artés "Polynomial Vector Fields and Invariant Straight Lines".
Ll. Cairó "Similarity and Rescaling".
C. Chicone "Invariant Tori for a Parametrically Excited Oscillator".
A. Delshams "Psi-Series and Integrability of Polynomial Planar Vector Fields".
F. Dumortier "Unicity of Limit Cycles in Lienard Equations".
M. Elmorsalani "Hyperbolic Polycicles: Asymptotic Developments and Pfaffian Truncation".
J. Françoise "The First Derivative of the Period Function".
E. Freire "Hopf-Like Bifurcations in Planar Piecewise Linear Systems".
A. Gasull "Perturbation of Planar Hamiltonian Systems with Applications".
J. Giné "The Null Divergence Factor".
C. Gutierrez "Planar Vector Fields Versions of Carathéodory's and Loewner's Conjectures".
S. Ibañez "Topological Classification of Singularities on R3".
Y. Il'yashenko "Bifurcations of Planar Policycles and Desingularization in families".
R. Kooij "The Distribution of Limit Cycles in Quadratic Systems with Four Real Finite Singularities".
N. Lloyd "Limit Cycles and Centres for Polynomial Systems".
F. Mañosas "The Period Function for Hamiltonian Systems with Homogeneous Nonlinearities".
P. Mardesic "Darboux Linearization and Isochronous Centers with a Rational First Integral".
L. Mazzi "Commutatiors and Linearizations of Isochronous Centers".
F. Menous "The Catalan and Brownian Averages and their Applications to Real Resum Resummation".
D. Novikov "Meandering of Trajectories of Polynomial Vector Fields in Space".
D. Panazzolo "Desingularization of Analytic Families of Planar Vector Fields with Nilpotnent Singularities".
E. Ponce "Hopf Bifurcation from Infinity for Planar Control Systems".
A. Rodríguez "Structural Stability of Planar Homogeneous Polynomial Vector Fields. Applications to Critical Points and to infinity".
R. Roussarie "Methods for the Desingularization of Analytic Families of Planar Vector Fields".
C. Rousseau "Hilbert's 16th Problem for Quadratic Vector Fields and Finite Cyclicity of Graphics".
E. Saez "Dinámica de un modelo de depredación".
D. Schlomiuk "An Algebro-Geometric Viewpoint on Some Problems Concerning Planar Polynomial Vector Fields".
D. Shafer "Curvature of Periodic Orbits of Planar Vector Fields".
J. Sotomayor "Measures Theoretic Properties of Bifurcations of Vector Fields in the Plane".
G. Swirszcz "The Cyclicity of Contours Around a Certain Quadratic Centre".
I. Szanto "Isochronous Center of Symmetric Cauchy-Riemann Polynomial Systems".
M. Teixeira "Generic Bifurcation of Reversible Vector Fields on a 2-Dimensional Manifold".
M. Villarini "Smooth Linearization of Centers".
H. Zoladek "The Analytic Normal Form for the Bogdanov-Takens Singularity".