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Group photo - October 2012
October 2012

Group photo - December 2000      Group photo - October 2008
December 2000                                                    October 2008




Jaume GINÉ gine@matematica.udl.cat
Isaac A. GARCÍA garcia@matematica.udl.cat

Maite GRAU

Susanna MAZA smaza@matematica.udl.cat
Adriana BUICA abuica@math.ubbcluj.ro
Héctor GIACOMINI Hector.Giacomini@lmpt.univ-tours.fr

PHD Students


Collaborator Members


Xavier SANTALLUSIA xsantall@matematica.udl.cat
Josep MALLOL jmallol@matematica.udl.cat



The investigation group was created in the middle of 1993 and it was initially formed by J. Chavarriga and J. Giné. Their main objective was to impel the development and the study of differential equations in the University of Lleida (created in January 1993). In 1995 the investigation group is consolidated with the official name Seminari de Sistemes Dinàmics. The same year I.A. García joins the seminar. During the following years other Ph.D. students as J. Mallol, P. Rodríguez, J. Sorolla and M. Grau join the seminar as well. Among their main activities it is worth mentioning their efficient and distinguishable organisation of the following international congresses:
  • 2nd Catalan Days of Applied Mathematics. 29 november-1 december (1995), Font-Romeu-Odeillo, France.
  • 3rd Catalan Days of Applied Mathematics. 27-29 november (1996), Lleida, Spain.
  • Symposium on Planar Vector Fields. 24-27 november (1996), Lleida, Spain.
  • Winter School of Dynamical Systems. 27-29 december (1997), Lleida, Spain.
  • Miniworkshop on Planar Vector Fields. 12-13 july (2000), Lleida, Spain.
  • 2nd Symposium on Planar Vector Fields. 17-20 december (2000), Lleida, Spain.
  • Workshop on Planar Differential Equations. 11-12 april (2003), Lleida, Spain.
  • 3rd Symposium on Planar Vector Fields. 6-10 september (2010), Lleida, Spain.
Since 1993 this team has published about seventy articles and it has been financially supported in part by diverse entities, as for instance Education Ministry and Science, Generalitat de Catalunya, City Council of Lleida, University of Lleida, Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs, etc. During the last decade a wide range of professors from other international prestigious universities have been invited. All these professors have succeeded to developing activities of scientific character. At this moment the Seminari de Sistemes Dinàmics is publishing the international journal Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems specialized in ordinary differential equations and discrete dynamical systems. Their main concerns are devoted to deeply study dynamical systems in the plane, more precisely, algebraic theory of integrability (theory of Darboux), the center-focus problem, isochronous centers, reversibility, nilpotent and degenerated systems, bifurcations, limit cycles (16th problem of Hilbert), Lie symmetries, differential equations in the complex projective plane, etc.

This note is to inform that Dr. Javier Chavarriga, founder of this research group,
has passed away in november 2005.

Isaac A. García, Jaume Giné, Jordi Sorolla, Josep Mallol and Maite Grau.